Maritime by Holland

High Tech, Hands On

ML_clustermodel_ENThe maritime sector has been a significant part of the Dutch business community for centuries thriving on the core principles of cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the years, the sector has become a global leader in delivering innovative solutions to the international markets.

Stichting Nederland Maritiem Land (NML) is an organisation that connects twelve maritime sectors: ports, offshore, maritime suppliers, shipbuilding, ship operating, dredging, maritime services and knowledge institutes, inland shipping, Royal Navy, Yachtbuilding / watersports and fisheries. Together, this 23,5 billion euro industry comprises 21,155 companies employing more than 266.500 people.

NML facilitates the Dutch maritime network. It is a market-driven initiative that was created in 1997 following a re-energised national shipping policy. Its core aim is to join-up the various maritime sectors and link them with government and academia. Doing this allows the creation of joint initiatives which strengthen individual sectors and promote the Netherlands as a significant maritime nation. Knowledge sharing across the network is facilitated to mutual advantage.

A privately funded organisation, NML seeks to co-finance a range of projects to further the interests of the Dutch maritime community. It is governed by a board of directors selected from the network to provide a range of skills that reflect the entire spectrum of the membership.

Looking inward

Within the network, NML acts as a facilitator to connect the individual sectors within the maritime community. It is the catalyst for cooperation between sectors and also with government and learning institutions. This gives the maritime players a level of buy-in and encourages a feeling of “togetherness” which delivers strength and prosperity for all.
Trade associations are also part of NML. They assist with facilitating a strong, overarching governance structure for the organization.

A comprehensive database has been developed by NML over many years. It contains up-to-date information about the Dutch maritime sector which is made available to the entire network. Relevant developments and updates are included in the database and input is made by NML itself or by members of the network. NML is active in organising a range of networking activities to actively promote cooperation and knowledge sharing. This helps individual companies as well as the sector as a whole.

NML’s strength lies in its diversity. Leading Dutch maritime firms are members alongside maritime SMEs and trade associations. The breadth of expertise and experience within the network is second to none.

Looking outward

NML is committed to promoting the expertise of the Dutch maritime sector on the international stage. Through these activities it is envisaged that Dutch maritime business will prosper, become more competitive and attract new talent. At a national level, the organisation informs politicians and regulators to ensure the maritime sector remains in the public eye and continues to operate in the best possible climate for business.

Working with its network members, NML enhances the visibility of the Dutch maritime sector through publishing a range of publicity materials, arranging conferences and lectures, utilising online and social media, and maintaining personal contact with politicians, government officials and the media.

The “Maritime by Holland” brand is promoted by NML to provide added value to its members. This is used at international trade shows and on all external publications. Members are also free to use the brand for their own promotional activities.

NML has become the central portal that connects the entire maritime sector and links it with other industry players, international and national policy makers and the media. This includes regulators in Brussels.