Maritime by Holland is a joint initiative of major Dutch maritime leader firms and maritime trade associations, powering the maritime cluster in the Netherlands. Together, we generate social and economic value for clients worldwide through an unbeatable combination of expertise, imagination and collaboration. Due to the industrywide representation within the organisation, the entire maritime industry acts collectively towards policymakers, politics, general public and media. This collective approach ensures that the maritime industry is constantly on top of mind with the stakeholders and we are able to achieve more than an individual trade associations would be able to do.

Our motto is: “Standing stronger together, but retaining an individual identity. The challenge is not to think in limitations, but in solutions, supported by a strong vision.”

The main goal of the organisation is to enhance the visibility of the entire Dutch maritime industry, and to improve the perceived image of the cluster towards all relevant stakeholders.

Maritime by Holland focusses on four general policy issues regarding:

  • Innovation
  • Human Capital
  • Trade
  • Public relations

Pressing and important issues regarding these subjects are addressed by specific Councils. These platforms are formed by maritime specialists. This ensures the attainment of well-balanced mutual points of view and goals.