Become a Marine Propulsion specialist


Maritieme toeleveranciers, Scheepsbouw

Do you wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge of the design of different marine propulsion systems? The training series: ‘Marine Propulsion’ is a unique technical and international oriented training series. Netherlands Maritime Technology organises this training series only once a year and will start again in September 2018 in Rotterdam.

Discover each module

Module 1: Propulsion Plant Concepts and Basic Ship Hydrodynamics (17 & 18 September)
Module 2: Marine Propulsors Characteristics (8 & 9 October)
Module 3: Diesel and other Marine Internal Combustion Engines (29 & 30 October)
Module 4: Electrical Drive Characteristics (19 & 20 November)
Module 5: Matching Propulsion Engine and Propulsor (10 & 11 December)

Pamas certification

Three modules of the Marine Propulsion training series together have a Pamas certification: module 1, module 3 and module 5. Click here for more information.