Challenge yourself in 2018 with a training course of NMT


Maritieme toeleveranciers

The program of 2018 has been set. Each year Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) organises 3 exclusive international training courses: Marine Propulsion, Onboard Noise and Vibration and Design of Marine Auxiliairy Systems. The training courses consist of unique educational material especially developed for the maritime sector and will be given in the Netherlands.

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Marine Propulsion

The training Marine Propulsion Systems is a unique technical and international oriented training for those who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge of the design of different marine propulsion systems. Participants who follow the first, third and fifth module can apply for the Post-academic certification (Pamas).

Onboard Noise and Vibration

Control of noise and vibration onboard ships is a topic of increasing importance to the international shipbuilding industry. During this training course you will learn more about the principles of noise and vibration and how to attenuate their effects. The training covers 4 main subjects: Shipboard noise control, shipboard vibration, basis principles of dynamics, vibration and shock and hydrodynamic excitation forces.

Design of Marine Auxiliary Systems

This training serie covers the main aspects of marine auxiliary systems on board of vessels or offshore platforms. During four modules the participants are given an overview of the main auxiliary systems, their main components, the fundamental working principles and the design aspects & considerations. The theory is practised by means of exercises during the modules.

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