Feadship concept design Pure


Maritieme toeleveranciers, Scheepsbouw

Feadship is renowned for its ability to create pure custom superyachts for clients that meet their every desire. But what would happen if its designers and innovators developed a yacht that blended the immense experience gained from working for owners with the boldest visions that have yet to see the light of day? A Feadship with the cleanest possible architecture, ready for next-generation yacht control and clean propulsion, designed for unadulterated enjoyment. The result is a Feadship concept design that despite the name could actually be built today… The result is the 81.75-metre Pure.

Designed to inspire the next generation of owners, the first Feadship Future Concept was unveiled in 2006. Since then, the fortune tellers at Feadship have consistently emboldened people to reimagine what is possible in the superyacht world. The hybrid propulsion predicated on F-stream in 2007, for instance, set the tone for the radical fuel consumption reductions unveiled on Breathe in 2010. And all this was then uniquely proven in practice on the Feadship Savannah five years later, which was the world’s first luxury motoryacht with hybrid power.

Further still

Other prescient concepts have inspired Feadship clients to break new ground in areas such as eco-friendly design, multi-functional spaces, outdoor entertainment, slender hulls, privacy, autonomous living and all-glass superstructures. While each was based on client feedback, brainstorm sessions and in-depth research, the newest member of the design portfolio goes a little further still, as designer Jan Schaffers explains: “At Feadship we are used to designing totally bespoke yachts for clients with every aspect driven by their individual desires. Pure synthesises all the know-how gained in recent times over the types of spaces and exteriors which owners ask for in the purest way possible, following the red thread of these wishes. Many of us are inherently reluctant to truly explore what our actual needs are and Pure takes a deep dive down this path. To slightly paraphrase the famous Steve Jobs quote, ‘people don’t always know what they want until you actually show them.’

“Pure is not, however, a flight of our collective fantasy. From the awesome open-plan spaces to the future-compatible propulsion and lower deck command centre, the Studio De Voogt design
team have worked closely with the Knowledge & Innovation department and engineering experts at Feadship as well as current and new suppliers to ensure each solution proposed is
realistic and would actually work in practice now.”

Lines of connection

The essence of Pure is the unparalleled visual and social connections offered by her open onboard architecture and three-deck atrium, a feat which is very challenging to achieve on a yacht. From structural integrity to fire & safety regulations, all the parameters involved have been meticulously calculated. As futuristic as it may look in the renderings, the Feadship yards could actually start building Pure tomorrow.

The technical key to making the design work is the two central elements around which the rest of the yacht can be built, not dissimilar to the way tower blocks have large elevators and stair shafts at their core. These structural components are also home to the main deck bar (port) and main staircase (starboard), serve as the fire and mandatory zones, incorporate the casings and offer discrete crew routing. The development has even gone as far as to include contrasting textures for inside and outdoor facing surfaces.