Vice-mayor Kathmann of Rotterdam launches Young Maritime Board



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On Friday September 25th vice-mayor Barbara Kathmann – City of Rotterdam – launched the Young Maritime Board. The board consists of representatives of various networking initiatives for maritime young professionals in the Rotterdam region. Together they will contribute to the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe program.


The City of Rotterdam works closely together with industry partners, knowledge institutions, and other authorities to develop the region of Rotterdam as maritime capital of Europe. As well as generating international attention for the regional maritime cluster. Part of the program is creating favorable conditions to attract and retain talented young professionals.

With the Young Maritime Board, the City of Rotterdam aims to get better understanding of what drives young professionals and what their needs are. Taking the perspectives of young professionals into account, provides valuable insights to make the regional maritime cluster futureproof. In addition, the City of Rotterdam is interested in the views that the generation has on innovation and new ways of working.  Important factors that help to maintain the leading position of the Rotterdam region within the global maritime industry. The Young Maritime Board will act as an independent advisory body to the City of Rotterdam, the Drecht Cities, and the Province of Zuid-Holland.

During the meeting, that was held at the City Hall, Nick Verstege (Rot.Jong), Joëlla Lucas (Young NMT), Gijs Kampschöer (Link Maritime), Timon Ligterink (Young IRO), Marit van Heugten (Jong Havenvereniging), Thomas van Oorschot (Young RMSC), Sjoerd van der Kroft (Drecht Cities Young Professionals) and Charles Sassen (YoungShip Rotterdam) elaborated on the networking initiatives they represent. Next to this, opportunities for the regional maritime cluster were discussed with vice-mayor Kathmann and the possible role she envisions for young professionals.

Vice-mayor Kathmann: “Attracting and retaining talented young professionals is of major importance for the regional maritime cluster. Therefore I am happy with the enthusiasm and commitment of the Young Maritime Board. This provides us with the opportunity to involve the perspective of young professionals in strengthening and ongoing development of the position of this economically important industry. I am looking forward towards an energetic and fruitful cooperation.”

In the near future, a deep dive on attracting talent and skills of the future will take place. The Young Maritime Board and (regional) administrators – connected to the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe program –  will discuss opportunities to maintain and enhance the attractiveness of the region and industry towards young professionals.

Kathmann continues: “I am incredibly proud of the fact that young people in the capacity of the Young Maritime Board are prepared to help shape the future of our regional maritime cluster. The industry needs new talents with fresh ideas and innovative insights. Even more, the Young Maritime Board can learn a lot from the maritime old boys network – and simultaneously shake things up.”

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