Maritieme toeleveranciers, Scheepsbouw

Trade associations NMT and HISWA-RECRON reached an agreement on 4 June regarding the continued use of the HYG name and the slogan ‘Think Yachts, Think Holland’. Both parties recognised the exceptional value of maintaining the reputation and brand familiarity built up over the past 50 years.

The 29 members of NMTs superyacht collective are very pleased with the takeover of the name and slogan: “Being able to present ourselves to the international superyacht industry with a familiar name and reinvigorated concept from September offers excellent opportunities,” says HYG chair and Director of Esthec, Marcel van der Spek.

The coming months will be used to further develop a renewed marketing strategy and programme for the years to come and upgrade the website and other communication tools. The results will be presented to all members and the international trade media in September.

Focus on Dutch maritime interests

The Holland Yachting Group has made enormous progress over the past half century under the HISWA-RECRON banner. The Dutch superyacht industry is known worldwide for its superior quality, craftsmanship and innovative capacity. “I am proud of what we have achieved with our members over the past 50 years,” says Geert Dijks, director of HISWA-RECRON.

The Holland Yachting Group will retain the same premium quality levels under the auspices of the NMT trade association, which has been promoting the Dutch maritime manufacturing industry abroad via trade missions and exhibition participations for many years. “The reputation of the Holland Yachting Group will allow us to do the same for the Dutch superyacht sector,” says NMT director Roel de Graaf: “We are pleased at the constructive manner in which the transition has been completed and hope to continue the existing partnership in the future.”